Electrical Engineering

For more than 30 years, EHL has provided conceptual studies, pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, execution projects, infrastructure upgrades, and Stay In Business projects to the Mining, Petrochemical, and Food and Beverage production industries.

EHL’s Electrical Engineering practice provides services for mining, Process Plants, Parastatals, and Industrial Development.

EHL’s comprehensive experience includes:

  • System Studies and Single Line Development, which form the basis for sound design for electrical systems.
  • Trade-off studies to determine the balance between the latest technologies and economic considerations.
  • Business Plan 3yr
  • Specifications: Liaison with clients and industry in order to generate Equipment Specifications for projects, Detailed Engineering and Design of Main-Intake Substations, Distribution Substations, Motor Control Centres, Distribution Networks, Underground Distribution Networks and Underground Substations.
  • Detailed Engineering and Design of the electrical elements for Processing Plants, Smelting Furnaces, Refineries, Decline Mining Shafts, Vertical Shafts, Pump Stations, Surface Ventilation Fans, Compressors for Mining, Refrigeration Plants, Winders and Mining Infrastructure.
  • Construction Monitoring of projects to ensure compliance to Specifications and Design.
  • Commissioning and Handover of delivered solutions.
  • The provision of Energy Efficiency Compliance Certificate.

Control & Instrumentation

EHL provides Engineering, Design and Project Construction Management Services for industrial firms worldwide for existing and new operations.

EHL’s Control and Instrumentation practice provides services to the Mining, Food & Beverage and Petrochemical industries.

EHL’s comprehensive experience includes:

  • Conceptual design, budget cost estimates and project scheduling
  • Detailed engineering and design, utilizing AutoCAD software and the  “Smart-Plant” suite of products
  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Process Control Narratives
  • Control and PLC Equipment Rooms
  • Control System Architectures / Topologies
  • Network Design for Fiber Optic and Copper Networks
  • UPS Control System Power Reticulation and Earthing
  • Instrumentation Drawings and Schedules for Cabling and Termination
  • Preparation of enquiry specifications for procurement and expediting  equipment or services
  • Quality assurance, factory inspection/acceptance testing and audits for all  procured equipment and services including Control System Software Coding and Configuration
  • Construction Management
  • Commissioning of equipment and systems
  • Providing functional monitoring and control

Power System Modeling

EHL is a certified solutions provider partner for engineering software developer ETAP. ETAP Power System Monitoring & Simulation is at the heart of the ETAP Real-Time power management system. Power System Modeling is essential for small and large electrical utility systems, generation plants, industrial sites and manufacturing facilities. This power management system determines the appropriate system response to a variety of changes and disturbances by using electrical and physical parameters, loading and generation levels, network topology and control logics.

In addition, power system monitoring and simulation determines the source of potential power supply problems and advice on corrective action to avoid interruptions.

EHL’s comprehensive experience includes:

  • Load Flow Analysis
  • Static and Dynamic Motor Starting Analysis
  • Protection Device Coordination Analysis
  • Protection Grading Reports
  • Assistance with implementation of Protection Settings


EHL provides Engineering, Design and Drafting for upgrading existing Winders and the provision of new Winders, including conceptual design to determine the hoisting requirements of the relevant mine or shaft (Man, Rock or Material requirements), budget projections and project planning. The semi-closed loop Brake System and Electrical Control System was developed for chairlifts, to comply with the latest SANS 273-2007 code of practice for the design, manufacture, maintenance and safe operation of chairlifts in mines.

EHL’s Winders practice provides services to the Gold, Platinum, Chrome, Copper and Coal sectors.

EHL’s comprehensive experience includes:

  • Engineering design utilizing AutoCAD or “SmartPlant"
  • DC or AC Drive Systems and Motors
  • Control Systems with PLC or relay logic functions
  • All categories of safety circuits
  • Control and PLC Equipment Rooms and Equipment Ventilation
  • Brake Control Systems
  • Shaft Communication Systems
  • Event/Bell Recording Systems
  • MV switchgear and supply requirements
  • LV switchgear and supply requirements
  • UPS Control System Power Reticulation and Earthing
  • Winder Drawings and schedules for cabling and termination
  • Specification, Procurement and Expediting of equipment
  • Quality assurance, factory inspection/acceptance testing and audits
  • Construction Management and Commissioning

EHL Consulting Engineers

EHL Consulting Engineers is South Africa’s largest and most experienced specialist electrical Engineering Firm. EHL is registered with Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) and adhere to ISO 9001:2000, safety, health and environmental standards, and the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Established in 1980, EHL has operated throughout Africa, North America and Asia providing Industrial, Commercial and Mining Clients with a wide range of Electrical, Control and Instrumentation, Winders and Power System Modeling expertise.
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